Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum 

Friday, August 2, 2019 Tour (Bus Tour)
10:00am - 11:30am

Pierce-Arrow Museum * 263 Michigan Avenue * Buffalo, NY 14203 * (716) 853-0084 * http://www.pierce-arrow.com/

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Buses leave Marriott parking lot at 9:30a

 Tour runs from 10:00a to 11:30a

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The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum honors and preserves the company’s long and prestigious history.

The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company was a symbol of one of Buffalo’s most significant eras of growth, prosperity and of American innovation and ingenuity.  Pierce-Arrows served as presidential vehicles from Taft to Roosevelt. Foreign royals, diplomats and business tycoons, including John D. Rockefeller, the Shah of Persia, J. Edgar Hoover, the secret service, and many more all drove Pierce-Arrows.  The Museum building at the corner of Seneca Street and Michigan Avenue in downtown Buffalo opened in 2001.

Owner Jim Sandoro and his wife, Mary Ann, have spent more than 45 years collecting memorabilia, antique vehicles and historic artifacts to visually display the rich transportation history of Western New York.  He grew up in the City of Buffalo. A neighbor kept an old car in a garage and young Jim would sneak inside to get a look at it and slide down the sloped fenders of what turned out to be a Pierce-Arrow Town Car.  He questioned the owner and began to learn that Pierce-Arrows were very special vehicles. This started a lifelong quest to learn and collect anything related to the company and its automobiles.  Later, his family moved closer to the factory, which furthered his interest in Pierce-Arrow as he would roam around the factory grounds searching for remnants of the great company. His collection grew to include anything related to transportation, especially involving the City of Buffalo. His travels led him to many discoveries and purchases, all of which were brought back to Buffalo and assembled at the Museum. This was done to remind the people of Buffalo, and the world, that Buffalo was an influential city of industry and producer of outstanding vehicles. Pierce-Arrows and Thomas Flyers are considered by car collecting experts to be among the top 10 best vehicles ever produced.

The collection of historic automobiles, bicycles, Pierce-Arrow memorabilia and documents is unlike any other in the world.  You will find a selection of significant transportation items with an emphasis on Pierce-Arrow, the E.R. Thomas Motor Company and other Buffalo-made automobiles and their accomplishments. Highlights include a 1902 Buffalo Electric Stanhope, a 1919 Pierce Arrow Bus, a 1948 Playboy, bicycles, motorcycles, Pierce-Arrow artifacts, the Jell-O Wagon as seen on American Pickers, a Corvette collection and a 1927 Buffalo Filling Station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and much more.  The Sandoros welcome you to stop by and explore this significant part of Buffalo’s industrial history.

Information submitted by Larry & Patty Strong